BCP Council (Christchurch area): Jess Glover is pleased to announce that she has recently secured planning permission for alterations to a shop front in Bargates, Christchurch.

The site is situated along Bargates, the main B-Road into Christchurch (B3073) from the north which has a linear form of development with mixed uses. Following a successful Prior Approval application for the change of use of part of the existing shop (Class E Use) to a residential unit (Class C3 Use), the client sought to make alterations to the shop front, relocating the front door and altering the window arrangement, which do require planning permission.

As part of the application, we prepared a thorough supporting statement which set out the merits of the proposal in a clear and concise manner, whilst making it clear that the development was in accordance within adopted planning policies to safeguard the character and appearance of the area.

Upon considering the application and supporting documents, Officers agreed with our conclusions and moved to recommend approval.

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