New Forest National Park Authority: Pure Town Planning are delighted to announce that they have recently secured consent for alterations and extension to an existing dwelling within the Burley Conservation Area in the New Forest National Park. This approval allows the homeowner to change the roof and first floor elevations by virtue of altering the roof style, changing the eaves height and ‘squaring off’ the elevations.

During the course of the application, the New Forest National Park Authority Case Officer raised concerns that these alterations would increase the floor space of the property and fall foul of Policy DP11 of their Core Strategy. This policy prohibits properties outside the Defined New Forest Villages increasing their dwelling size by any more than 30% of the original floor space.

The house had been previously extended and as a result had already reached the 30% additional floor space limitation. The concern of the Case Officer was that the removal of the dormer window and altering the elevations had created more internal floor space. Working quickly with the applicant and appointed architect we established that first floor areas on the existing plans which appeared to be solid walls were in fact voids which could be opened up at any time. Thus we were able to show that actually there was no increase in floor space. We sent photos and revised plans to the Case Officer showing this and subsequently the application was recommended for approval. Another example of the benefit of a pro-active planning consultant working for you!

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