Poole Park Conservation Area approvedBorough of Poole: Pure Town Planning have recently secured planning permission for a number of alterations, additions and a large side extension to a beautiful family dwelling in the Poole Park Conservation Area. The dwelling boasts an uninterrupted 180 degree panorama over Poole Park boating lake, Brownsea Island and views across the water to Sandbanks and Old Harry Rocks beyond.

We initially approached the owners as we felt that they had been a little hard done by with the planners at the Borough of Poole Council refusing a two-storey side extension which looked perfectly reasonable to us. We initially suggested that an appeal would be worthwhile. However having met with the owners, listened to their brief and looked into the plans in more detail we felt that a solution could be achieved through negotiation with Borough of Poole’s planning and conservation officers under a revised application – saving the owners time and money.

The previous application was refused as the Council considered that “the proposal, by reason of design, scale, bulk, height, siting and appearance would not respect the setting and character of the sit and surrounding area, and would fail to reinforce local distinctiveness or enhance, better reveal and/or restore heritage assets, the Poole Park Conservation Area and its setting”Pure Town Planning advised the owners how to alter the proposal in order to both achieve their goals in terms of adding additional accommodation to the property, but more importantly achieve planning permission. We  prepared and submitted a revised proposal to Borough of Poole Council together with a full Planning and Conservation Statement justifying why the proposal would not detrimentally impact on the existing dwelling or the surrounding conservation area. As a result of regular discussions with the planning and conservation officers, we were able to convince them that this revised proposal overcame all concerns that they had with the previous scheme and push the application through to an approval within the statutory 8-week time frame.

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