New Forest District Council: Pure Town Planning has recently secured advertisement consent for the installation of a new advertisement for a fish and chip shop in the Ringwood Conservation Area.

The consent permits the installation of a non-illuminated fascia sign and a new illuminated hanging sign above with the plans supplied by Nabney Plans.

Given the site’s sensitive location, a planning and heritage statement setting out the merits of the proposal was put together. During the course of the application, the New Forest District Council Planning Officer and Conservation both had concerns with the level of illumination and proposed design. Pure Town Planning quickly and efficiently put together revised plans, which addressed the concerns of them both.

Despite the amendments, Ringwood Town Council objected to the scheme, meaning the proposal had to go before the New Forest District Council Planning Committee. This involved putting together a strong deputation to show to Members that the proposal had been shaped through the involvement of their Planning Department and that in all aspects the scheme was acceptable.

The Committee agreed and much to the delight of the applicant approved the scheme.

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