BCP Council (Bournemouth area): Jess Glover has recently secured planning permission for alterations, extensions and remodel of the existing bungalow on Foxholes Road in Bournemouth, with the plans drawn by Robert Nabney of Now Architecture.

Jess recently won an appeal for householder alterations to the bungalow earlier this year, however the client now sought to achieve an additional storey contained within the roof space with a gable end accommodating a balcony to provide the master suite and we therefore submitted a revised planning application to the Council.

As part of our application we prepared a comprehensive design, access and planning statement which clarified that we had already established a material fallback position of a two storey dwelling under the previous appeal and therefore altering the plans to marginally increase the roof height in order to obtain an additional storey would not be harmful to the character and appearance of the area or neighbouring amenity.

The officer agreed that the latest proposal was acceptable and moved to recommend the application for approval.

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