BCP Council (Bournemouth): Neil McKeon has secured planning permission to form a new third floor level creating 6 flats on Exeter Road in Bournemouth Town Centre.

Whilst the proposal does not increase the overall footprint of the building at Sandringham Mansions, the additional floor is considered to deliver a balanced and attractive proposal. As the adjoining property at Sandringham House is also four-stories in height, the new proposal will create a seamless transition between both properties when viewed from Exeter Road.

The newly proposed units do not create any harmful impact to any neighbouring properties in respect of privacy and amenity. The proposal, designed by Nabney Plans, incorporates the new units under a mansard roof which will appear as part of the original building – ensuring the top floor does not appear at odds with the existing property or the character and appearance of the wider area.

The approved scheme effectively creates 6 new residential units in the heart of the town centre which will make a positive contribution to the available housing stock in this highly sustainable location.

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