Dorset Council (East Dorset): Darryl Howells, a director of Pure Town Planning, has secured Outline Planning Permission for the demolition of a dwelling and the erection of a 30 bedroom specialist dementia care home (Use Class C2) with new vehicular access and parking provision.  The scheme was drawn by Greenward Associates however the client instructed Darryl to submit the application to secure the planning permission, which regrettably took an appeal to win the argument so a subsequent planning application could be approved.

Previously on the client’s instruction Darryl submitted an Outline planning application for the care home in June 2018.  Following lengthy consideration, the LPA resolved to refuse planning permission on the grounds of alleged harm to the character and appearance of the area; harm to nearby protected trees; harmful effect to intended occupiers from an adjoining public house; inappropriate design; and finally impact on European Nature Conservation Sites.  Darryl robustly argued against each reason for refusal on appeal, with the Planning Inspector agreeing with Darryl that there would be no harm to the area, nearby trees, no adverse effect on the living conditions of the intended residents and the design was appropriate for the site and the nature of the use.  The sole issue that led the Inspector to dismissing the appeal was a technical concern with the wording of the Section 106 Agreement that had been drafted between the LPA and the appellant, failing to secure the correct mitigation.

Upon receipt of the appeal decision, Darryl advised the applicant to ‘bang’ the application back in, secure in the knowledge that the arguments had been won, and the LPA were likely to support the scheme in light of the Inspector’s decision.  As expected, the LPA redrafted the wording of the Section 106 Agreement to respond to the Inspector’s commentary, then signed off a delegated decision. 

The above is another example of the successful work that Pure Town Planning endure to secure planning permission for our clients, and the belief we have in our client’s schemes and their conformity to planning policies.  If you have received negativity to your scheme then contact one of the consultants at Pure Town Planning for advice.