Christchurch Borough Council: Pure Town Planning have secured full planning permission for a scheme of 19 new dwellings on Ringwood Road in Walkford, Christchurch.

The scheme includes the demolition of two existing houses on expansive plots to accommodate the comprehensive redevelopment of the combined site. The proposal, designed by Anders Roberts Cheer Architects, delivers an attractive mix of terraced, semi-detached, detached houses and bungalows in a new cul-de-sac off Ringwood Road.

The large scale redevelopment provides a striking mix of contemporary elements within a traditional style. Through extensive consultation with the Christchurch Borough Council planning officers, we effectively worked to ensure the scheme did not represent overdevelopment of the site, or create any harmful impacts upon neighbouring dwellings – securing an eye-catching 19 unit scheme providing much needed family homes in this sought after area. The scheme was approved by Christchurch Borough Council under delegated powers with a zero affordable housing contribution.

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