Borough of Poole: Darryl Howells has secured planning permission to partially demolish an existing house in Compton Avenue, Poole and erect large extensions to include an additional storey and remodel the dwelling’s exterior. The plans were prepared by local and nationally award winning architects, David James Architects and Partners. Darryl was specifically instructed to prepare the Design & Access Statement, submit the application to the Borough of Poole and manage the planning application process.

The proposed plans, sought to erect a new/enlarged double garage on the lower ground floor, new formal lounge at ground floor, two new large bedrooms at first floor and a new master bedroom suite within the roof. Darryl successfully argued that the established building line of neighbouring development would not be harmed due to the forward extension in front of the existing house; and will cause no harm to neighbouring amenities or nearby trees. The planning officer fully agreed with Darryl’s case, and the application was approved under delegated powers quickly.

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