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What We Do

What We Do

Planning approved Bournemouth Dorset Poole Hampshire

Another development on its way thanks to Pure Town Planning…

Pure Town Planning – offering a complete range of planning services.
Planning Permission, Planning Consent, Planning Approval… whatever you call it obtaining this for our clients is our main focus. Not just any permission, but the best possible planning consent for you on your site – maximising the development value if that is what you want or perhaps meeting the specific needs of your business, institution or family. But that is not all. Not only do we want to obtain the best possible approval but we want to do it as cost effectively as possible in terms our fees, architects fees, Council fees, fees for other consultants, Section 106 contributions, Community Infrastructure Levy and (not least) construction costs. But there is more! We don’t just want to obtain the best possible approval as cost effectively as possible but we want to do it as swiftly as possible eliminating all unnecessary delays – especially when you have a schedule to meet.

So how do we do it…

Initial advice

Pre-application advice

Planning application

Planning appeal

Other consents


Planning policy

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